Our Story

"Two wheels better than four" - yes we exist. Many motorcycle lovers see them as a form of therapy, some even see ownership as a form of meditation. We are not just talking about the moments when we are riding them, it is all the time you spend washing them, cleaning the dust, checking the oil levels. All these things are like rituals, we do not see them as maintenance work because they bring a lot of pleasure and joy to our souls.

Riding a motorcycle is usually a rich experience because everything is intense. You are vulnerable. You don’t have airbags and other protection that you have in a car. Above all, you use all the senses of the body and mind at a heightened capacity. The older the bike, the greater the experience.

Is motorcycling dangerous? No, dangerous is getting up from the couch on a Sunday and realising that you have wasted so much of your life playing it safe. We hope to form a strong community of those free spirits who have had a taste of that freedom. Own a SolBiker on the Solana blockchain and join the community.



We will give away 10 bikers to our early adopters

One holder of a biker in the range #0-2499 will win a Street Bob 114.


Biker’s only section revealed in the website where members can showcase their real life bikes, get community votes and win cool aftermarket mods.

One holder of a biker in the range #0-4999 will win a Fat Bob 114.


Some badass motorbike NFTs will be airdropped to all SolBikers for free.

One holder of a biker in the range #0-9999 will win a LiveWire.


coming soon

Member's Benefits

We have spent countless hours bringing the project into existence and we would happily do it all over again. The experience has been magical and we hope you will enjoy the artwork as much as we do. Artwork is just the starting point. We would work to build the community over coming years and would strive to deliver enough value so that one day you might be able to sell your biker to get that dream motorbike in real life and ride into the sunset.

Community grants will be given to members who would like to work on projects that bring back more value to our community. Tip: Do you want to build a community of Dev Apes? That would bring some of the coolest devs together to build some awesome web3 projects. Maybe a community for apes who are into fitness? We will be happy to provide any kind of support you need. (Grants total $100,000 +)

While we absolutely enjoy spending all our time with the NFT community, one of our main goals is to get people back on road by organizing meet-ups and road trips IRL. The community will get access to the members-only exclusive section of our website, where everyone will get to showcase their real-life bikes, get voted, and win prizes.


How is the project different from hundreds of other generative projects?

We all have that one subject that we will be happy to talk about for hours, even if we are an introvert. We rarely get to meet people with similar interests in real life. The internet changed it with online forums, these are great but they are like dial-up internet. We want to create a space in the metaverse(NetVRk), where you can meet regular nerd bikers, discuss air filters, brakes, tyres, get route suggestions for your next road trip, share your experience from the previous trip, and much more. We will do our best to make sure it is a completely immersive experience.

Is this a PFP project?

We would like you to have something that would best represent your online identity. It may not be for everyone but we would proudly display our bikers on every social media platform and we know you would too. Our NFTs are an access pass to a community of piston heads. Due to the public nature of blockchain, and entry cost, we are sure that the community is going to be a great place for true bikers.

How many NFTs are there in the collection?

There are 10,000 NFTs and each one is 2 Sol to mint.

What are your plans for marketing?

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. We believe in organic growth but would take suggestions from the community and act accordingly.

How about the copyright for the bikers?

If you own a biker you own the art 100% and we are no longer involved with it. We will provide support if you think someone is misusing your art, but policing is not what we are here for. We would rather spend all our time and energy on building cool stuff.



Norton500 - Dev


TR6Trophy - Artist